In, we are constantly looking forward to meeting new Mistresses and thinking of foot domination in anyway possible to enhance your foot fetish fantasy world. From eating banana from the Mistress's feet and shoes to licking Mistress feet in the most submissive possible position, we find ways and means to make your stay in as worthwhile as possible

**Feet-Slave Samples for January 2009**

brownredsock18.jpg brownredsock26.jpg brownredsock34.jpg brownredsock42.jpg
emilyfbenchbare12.jpg emilyfbenchbare20.jpg emilyfbenchbare28.jpg emilyfbenchbare36.jpg
kimberlytoes32.jpg kimberlytoes40.jpg kimberlytoes6.jpg parisfbarewor17.jpg
parisfbarewor25.jpg parisfbarewor4.jpg parisfbarewor5.jpg parisfbarewor65.jpg